Thanks to their extreme workability and variable rheology, H40 gel-adhesives make it easy to fully bed the tiles.

Easy to spread

Allowing wall tiles to be fixed from the top down as well as from the bottom up.

Non slump and non slip

The adhesive doesn't form a skin, enabling you to work calmly knowing that even when covering large surfaces, the results are guaranteed.

Extended open time

Watch the video to discover the many advantages of using H40 gel-adhesives for large format tiles.

Maximum durability and tested for the entire life-cycle of the tiling installation

Unique workability

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Extremely easy to fix tiles of all formats, thanks to how very smoothly it trowels and the long open time.

The adhesive adapts to the needs of the job, and guarantees total wettability of the back - essential when installing large format tiles.

The adhesion performance of H40 gel-adhesives has been subjected to strict testing, reproducing actual on site conditions, for long lasting durability.

Thixotropic and fluid

Superior performance

Multipurpose, structural, flexible, thixotropic and fluid. 
For tiles and stone of all types and formats.

H40 Gel-Adhesives
The perfect choice for every installation including large format tiles

Gel-adhesives are the solution - offering unparalleled performance with any type of material on any substrate.

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